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Scott Noble, CPA

Scott Noble grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, the son of a commercial airline pilot who showed him how to create wealth by managing resources well.

Scott’s passion for excellence in whatever he did led him to excel in golf and soccer. He became a top-seeded golfer and still holds a single-digit handicap.

After receiving his B.A. from Wake Forest University, he became a senior consultant with a “big six” consulting firm where he fine-tuned his unique ability to make complex situations more simple.

He has served as the CFO of multiple companies and as a partner in entrepreneurial businesses, using his ability to seize maximum opportunity with all available resources.

Co-founder of Boomfish Wealth Group, LLC and Wealth With No Regrets®, Scott is motivated by a unique personal ambition to protect wealthy families from being “pantsed.” He was 15 years old playing basketball in a crowded gymnasium when a buddy ripped down his shorts as he extended for a layup to the basket. This was his first experience with the embarrassment of being “pantsed.” Early in his career it happened again, when his investment advisor failed to get him to diversify his holdings even though he had enough to retire. This resulted in a major reduction in his net worth in 2000. Yet again he was “pantsed” when he became over leveraged in real estate ventures in the 2008 recession due to a lack of sound coaching. As a result of these experiences, it is Scott’s ambition to ensure that wealthy families do not get “pantsed” either in their planning or because of a lack of planning.

Husband to Denise and father to three daughters, Andie, Leah, and Hannah, Scott resides in Alpharetta, Georgia, where he and Denise frequently enjoy date nights and family get-aways.