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Speak Up (or Forever Hold Your Peace)

Many of you were born with next to nothing and worked your way up to where you are. And now, for many of you, your kids were born with everything. So, where does that leave them?   It leaves them trying to prove their worth.   Your children’s stories are different from yours—it’s just a…

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Could You Pass the Test?

Back when Jay Leno hosted The Tonight Show, one of his most famous skits was called, “Jaywalking,” where he would go out into the streets and ask random passers-by questions about current events in America and our history.   The answers often were nothing less than astonishing. He’d ask things like, “What special group advises…

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What the Universe is Telling You

Picture that strange, memorable event that happened to you, after which you were left scratching your head and thinking, “What a coincidence.”   It could be something that looked like it happened completely by chance. On one specific day, on one specific occasion, the heavens dictated, the stars aligned, the winds whispered, the right people…

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