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Focus on What Really Matters

Shift Your Focus Focus is a term the best pro athletes know a lot about. It’s what enables Tiger Woods to block out all the noise and the press and be the best golfer in the world and what helps Labron James dominate the court. It’s also a big part of what helped you become…

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Bargains Can Cost You

Deceived by a Good Deal My father was a car enthusiast. He started with Cadillac and Lincoln and eventually graduated to Bentley and Rolls Royce. Despite his ability to pay full price, the real excitement for him was in getting a “deal.” When it came to estate planning, he looked at it through the same…

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Don’t Be a Statistic

Count the Costs… and Beat the Odds   What is failure? While it is different things to different people, one definition of failure for the affluent could be “the involuntary loss of control of assets.”   You’ve worked your whole life for the success you now enjoy; and yet, odds are your wealth will NOT…

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