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Forget the Jargon

Find Someone Who Speaks Your Language My dad’s estate plan confused him. He was an intelligent man, but the attorney’s complex legal language might as well have been in a foreign language. But Dad was too proud to speak up (or too embarrassed about his confusion) and never told anyone he was unclear. Clear language…

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Focus on What Really Matters

Shift Your Focus Focus is a term the best pro athletes know a lot about. It’s what enables Tiger Woods to block out all the noise and the press and be the best golfer in the world and what helps Labron James dominate the court. It’s also a big part of what helped you become…

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Exhaust all Possibilities

Exploring Your Options is the Only Option We like to have options—and the more the better. We want more options in our cars, on our phones, and in our business dealings. How many options have you explored for your wealth planning? Only about 30% of families explore their options to find the plan that works…

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