60th Annual Old Soldiers Day Parade

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On Saturday, August 4th, the city of Alpharetta and the American Legion Post 201 will hold the Annual Old Soldiers Day Parade, marking its 60th year of celebrating the veterans of our country. The parade is sure to be a fun-filled time for the whole family. This year’s theme is “Three Score and Forever More…

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Unentangled Wealthy Families…(what?)

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The wealthy experience the thrill of all the money brings – vacations, experiences, fine cars, beautiful homes (or two+), and all the thrills money offers.  The issues of wealth typically get addressed by attorneys and money managers that focus predominately on finances. Where only 3 out of 100 families success make their wealth last there needs…

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Never Incomplete Data (with clients you care about)

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According to Fiserv Inc.’s annual survey of financial advisors, ninety-five percent of financial advisors said their clients are asking them for advice on “held-away” assets, which are defined as accounts not actively managed by an advisor or custodian affiliated with the advisor’s financial institution. Seventy-eight percent of advisors said they do not have access to…

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Avoid financial abuse in your retirement years by choosing the right advisor

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Part of creating wealth with no regrets is choosing the right person to help you manage the wealth that you’ve worked hard to accumulate for your retirement and for your estate. Selecting the wrong person can have disastrous results that leave you with enormous losses and regrets: according to a CNN report, several recent studies…

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You are not the problem (it's the picture)

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I’ve always thought my problem is me.  Then in one lesson it all became clear what the real problem is. Tom Ness, a top-50 teaching golf pro in the country and feature writer for Golf Digest Magazine, made it all clear to me in one of my lessons. After my usual warm up swings he said,…

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Quiet statements; big actions

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I often remind people that wealth is more than money because deep down people know this is true. And the more of it you have the more you recognize this truth. Yet we still tend to focus a disproportionate amount of time on money issues instead of non-money values. It dawned on me the other…

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Rule #2: Have you gone this far? (to prove a point)

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How far would you go to make a point?  What are you willing to do to launch your idea?  Would you go as far as Dane Miller… From scratch he built Biomet to over $12 Billion and no one knows who he is much less the leaps he took to do it.  He couldn’t get…

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Rule #1: No one does it alone.

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This has been Bob’s mantra as an entrepreneur.  Not only has he hired the best people around him, he has learned from the best leaders and entrepreneurs. Sure you get somewhere faster alone, but you can’t get as far without others.  Not only having the best team, but the best coaches, mentors and learning opportunities…

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Splash into a great movie with the Dive-In Movie Series

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On a hot summer day, there is almost nothing better than playing in the pool and cooling off. Or at least, there was. This summer, the Alpharetta City Pool at Wills Park will host the Dive-In Movie Series. Even better than the drive-in, the Dive-In Movie Series will combine the lazy fun of lounging in…

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Who’s been stupider longer? (hopefully others)

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In the last two weeks I’ve had two big ideas that could have a significant growth impact on my business and ultimately create even more value for the families we serve.  Both would be a significant investment of resources – money, time and energy. Before I move forward with an idea I talk with, “coaches…

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Your Opportunity to Benefit

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